Viewing Tips

Why does the magazine blur when I'm flipping the page and how can I make it stop?

Under some configurations, when flipping the page using the corners of the magazine, a slight blur will appear on the page while it is being flipped to the next page. In order to remove this occurrence, you can turn off Page Flip Animation under the Tools option located above the magazine.

How can I change the page viewing size?

Click the Zoom options (+ or - buttons in the top navigation bar) to choose to view a Larger or Smaller version of the page size. For best results, please ensure your browser magnification control is set at 100%. Do not use browser magnification settings to attempt to enlarge or reduce the page zoom levels. Higher or lower browser magnification settings can affect page viewing quality. Additionally, you can click the Tools icon in the top navigation bar and select one-page or two-page view to ...

How can I move from page to page?

There are a number of ways to move from page to page: - Use the forward/back buttons on each side of the viewer to advance. - Use the arrow keys on your keyboard. - Click on the corner of a page. - Select a specific page from the page number drop down. To select a specific feature article, click on the Table of Contents menu on the left of the screen and then click on the title of the article to go to that page.

Why do the magazine pages appear blurry?

Our viewer is tailored to display pages in a level of quality that is optimal for the viewing area of your specific monitor's screen resolution. However, if you have increased your zoom level inside of your web browser (generally located under View/Zoom in your browser) - this may distort the quality of images that our viewer has calculated to display to you. By setting this back to its default (100%) - this will allow the viewer to display clearer images.

How do I set my basic preferences for viewing?

To alter your basic preferences, click on the Tools menu (wrench icon) in the top navigation bar. You can set your preferences for one page/two page, flip animation, sound effects and mouse wheel functionality. Once set, check the save preferences box. In order to save your specific viewing preferences and to save all of your bookmarks and notes, we ask that you create an account with us using your email address. This will allow you to retrieve your entire library of bookmarks and notes on all i...

How do I know if an item is hyperlinked?

Most email addresses, website addresses, and page jumps are interactive. To activate the link, move your mouse over it until the hand changes to a pointing finger and click. Any blue underlined text normally indicates indicates interactivity. (Note that some publisher may opt to have special link directions such as highlighted text when hovered over).